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Art can be a valuable asset, an effective vehicle for patrimonial diversification and an integral component of your net worth. Over time, judiciously curated collections have historically exhibited a low correlation to portfolio investments in the global financial markets. We can help you build a cultural legacy by defining and executing strategies to develop your collection with a focus on quality, value, long-term growth, and of course, as a reflection of your personal taste.


We partner with specialists who have access to this rarified and wealth-accruing marketplace, extensive experience with Christie’s and Sotheby’s, and all the major art fairs in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the US. Our partners have also developed close relationships with galleries and private dealers all over the world. Services include research, due diligence, acquisition, sale, IRS-certified appraisal, estate, fiscal, and insurance consulting, as well as logistical assistance for shipping, storage, installation and conservation.


We have the objectivity, experience and deep knowledge of art’s cultural and economic value to effectively integrate it into a balanced wealth accumulation strategy, enriching your life and helping secure your family’s future.