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The Intercontinental Difference


Isidoro Korngold, Chairman, and John Kauth, CEO, founded Intercontinental, primarily to provide financial services to Latin American customers. Soon the firm’s capabilities broadened to include brokerage and advisory services for individuals and institutions in the U.S. as well as Latin America.


We formed the brokerage division, Intercontinental Asset Management Group LTD, to provide trading and execution for stocks, bonds and other investments. 


Alfredo La Rosa, CFA became our Executive Vice President in charge of trading and research, bringing impressive executive experience at major corporations in Peru and Colombia.


We established Intercontinental Consultants, LLC to guide customers in the formation of vehicles in order to achieve tax efficient strategies for international customers.


Mickey Roth, CFA, joined the firm as President, bringing his valuable experience as President/CEO of USAA Investment Management Company.


Before taking his position as our International Director, Kenneth worked in product development and research in a Mexican owned private bank on Wall Street.


Charlie Lutz, President, came aboard, backed by a 35-year banking career, including President/CEO of Bank One in Central and South Texas.


We opened the Miami office to provide the same quality service and international expertise to customers in that region.


We established Intercontinental Insurance Agency LLC to help customers with insurance products to enhance their investment plans.


Intercontinental Consultants, LLC changed its name to Intercontinental Wealth Advisors, LLC and became our investment advisory firm which designs and customizes investment plans for our customers. 


Mickey Roth retired as President and transitioned to his new role of President Emeritus. With his departure, Charlie Lutz was named President of Intercontinental.


We believe that our decades of success are a direct result of our independence, global perspective, innovative thinking, and experience in crafting financial plans that address each customer’s specific needs. All of our skill and experience is focused on helping preserve our customers’ wealth.


Engage customers on a personal level to understand where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow. Use that knowledge to craft financial strategies custom-tailored to create and preserve wealth, achieve goals and focus on what is important to you and live life to its fullest potential.

Intercontinental's founders, Isidoro Korngold and John Kauth, chat with President Charlie Lutz.